Welcome to Maintenance of Minnesota (MOM)

We are a full service property preservation company that serves

  • Brokers & Real Estate Agents
  • Mortgage Companies & Banks
  • Homeowners

With more than 25 years in the property preservation business, Maintenance of Minnesota is one of the oldest companies with foreclosure experience in the state. We assist you with:

  • Occupancy checks
  • Evictions and “cash for keys” coordination
  • Lock changes
  • Trash outs
  • Winterizations
  • Lawn care
  • Snow removal
  • Fast, reasonable bids for paint, carpet and minor remodeling and repairs to increase the marketability of your property; cleaning and trash removal and moving assistance also available

We also service major insurance claims, if needed, with

licensed and bonded contractors for quick, efficient repairs.


Contact us today at

952-469-5999 or


We look forward to serving you.